Mindfulness for business: a profound transformation of leadership and performance. .

  • Improve self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Identify and mobilize potential and skills around you with consideration
  • Understand and support change
  • Acknowledge your emotions and refrain from reacting instinctively under pressure
  • Develop self-confidence and increase your influence
  • Improve decision-making, gain perspective
  • Promote collective intelligence and creativity

Drawing on a background in both HR and mindfulness meditation, Be Mindful offers two programmes firmly focused on producing improved outcomes for individuals, the team and the company as a whole.


Qualified MBSR instructor


Attention training programme
designed to enhance performance


Leadership development

These two programmes promote the greater effectiveness of all those within a company. They allow improvements to be made in work and organizational practices, stress management methods, and the effectiveness of professional interactions. They provide a clear overview of your cooperation and/or leadership style, as well as your impact on performance and the individuals around you.

An approach based on the MBSR programme

Created in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn, a doctor in molecular biology, the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) programme has been undertaken by more than 23,000 people around the world since its creation. Séverine Barbette, who designed and delivers the Be Mindful programmes, is a qualified MBSR instructor and co-founder of the HR firm, Qualia Consulting. The programmes are firmly focused on applying the benefits of mindfulness to the professional world.

8 weeks to initiate change

The two programmes follow the same progression. The difference lies in the application examples and the way in which they are approached using mindfulness according to the role and sphere of action of participants.

After the information session, 8 sessions of 2 hours bring participants together each week. A day-long workshop that combines practice and real-life experience takes place between sessions 6 and 7.

  • Session 1: focus on breathing and the present moment
  • Session 2: focus on the body and green zones
  • Session 3: clarity regarding limits and red zones
  • Session 4: clarity regarding reflex actions
  • Session 5: creativity to respond instead of reacting
  • Session 6: creativity in our communication
  • Session 7: be mindful of your influence
  • Session 8: a vision for yourself (and others)
Maximum of 16 people in a session

Learning takes place within a small group. It is based on the alternation of meditation and group discussion of this practice, but also on real-life experiences and exercises relating to professional life.

Learning can only take place on a voluntary basis: its effectiveness is based on the presence of participants at each session and their commitment to a daily practice throughout the entire course.

Improved engagement and performance for individuals

The practice of mindfulness allows people to identify moments when we react instinctively, on auto-pilot, and to consciously redirect their attention to the key person or task at the present moment.

This allows you to better understand how you work and how others work, to make better decisions grounded in your present reality, to develop self-confidence and consideration for others, to mobilize greater energy and improved concentration, and to be happier and more effective at work.

In a situation of COLLABORATION, you can visualize more clearly and more positively your role within an organization, and the areas in which you can influence your environment. Realizing that we have the ability to make choices is reassuring.

In a position of LEADERSHIP, you offer direction with more clarity, empathy and vision, with a better awareness of the challenges and their effects on individuals. You are better equipped to identify the potential and skills around you.

Improved consideration and synergy within the team

Over and above the personal benefits for each individual, the change in attitude of people working in a mindful way enables the operation of the team to be improved. There is greater cooperation, but also greater accountability taken by individuals. Power-based relationships give way to a more transparent, more collaborative way of working that is more attentive to everyone’s needs. This allows solutions to be found together, drawing on the collective intelligence.

Greater equanimity and agility for the organization

If it wants to implement real change, a company that commits to a mindfulness-based approach can improve its overall operation.

When leaders and employees share the same attitude of openness and awareness, human relationships improve, both internally and with a company’s clients and partners. The company is better able to respond appropriately in an agile way to difficult, fast-moving situations like those connected with digitalization.


These organizations have learnt about mindfulness with Be Mindful.


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MBSR programme for individuals

Would you like to learn about mindfulness outside of your company environment?

For more than 30 years, the MBSR programme has helped people to improve their self-awareness and better understand the reality of their environment. In a multi-tasking world where you are constantly overstretched, mindfulness enables you to retake control of your thoughts, to rediscover your inner calm, and to live more consistently with your own values.

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About Institut Pleine Conscience

Be Mindful has partnered with the Institut Pleine Conscience (IPC), which offers mindfulness-based programmes, trains MBSR instructors with the Centre for Mindfulness (professional education), and organizes seminars, conferences, and retreats with internationally-recognized teachers. To find out more: www.pleine-conscience.be
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